United Capital

5 years sustainable way to grow your
UTD and earn USDC on Polygon Network.


United (UTD) Token


USDC Passive Income
10% of every buy/sell is redistributed to all
$UTD holders in USDC.

2% of each transaction will be added to the liquidity pool.

  1% of each transaction is taken to ensure continuous Marketing.  

1% of each transaction ensure continuous Development.

United (UTD) Contract :

USDC Contract :
Token Distribution

Total Supply - 21.000.000 UTD

60% Miner Sustainability
1% of total suplly will be added every month to miner TVL
to ensure longevity for at least 5 YEARS.

40% Liquidity
  In order to avoid whales and high volatility, 20% of the tokens  
are available to trade
The remaining 20% will be injected gradually on demand.
Liquidity Locked on PinkSale

  Miner Sustainability Wallet, PinkSale, Miner Smart Contract  
are Excluded from Reward

Penalty Tax 14% - is added to the standard Tax for a wallet selling tokens which have not been held for a minimum of 14 days and reduces 1% each day

United (UTD) Token is available to buy on QuickSwap (slippage 17)


Contract Balance
Total Staked
Referral Rewards


10% Daily ~ 3650% APR

2.5% Compound Bonus

10% Referrals

12 Hours Compound Timer

1 Hour Withdraw Cooldown

48 Hours Rewards Accumulation Cut-Off

5 Times Mandatory Compound Feature

50% Feedback Tax For Early Withdrawals.

5 Years Sustenable TVL

2% Fee

User Dashboard

Initial Deposit
Total Deposit
Referral Rewards (-)
Important Note! Once Miners are Bought, they cannot be sold, and the investment made to re-hire them (either through hire or re-hiring) cannot be taken back. However, once bought, Miners will not stop producing yield.
Hiring Example
100UTDgets you:
Miners: 0
Daily: 0UTD
1. Approve UTD (0 UTD approved)
Deposit UTD ( min0 , max0)
- Miners

Cart will be full in

Compound Count: 0

Time until next hire bonus is activated: --:--:--
Every time you hire or re-hire Miners after the time interval, the compound counter will increase and your hire bonus grows by -% (max +-%). Withdrawing will reset your bonus to 0.

Recommended Strategy

1. BuyUTDon QuickSwap (slippage 17)
    2. Invest/hire Miners --> Compound/re-hire minimum 5 Times (every 12 Hours) --> Withdraw your earmings when Cart will be full.  
3. HoldUTDin your wallet and receiveUSDCreflection